Types of Membership in the Multi Age Childcare Association of BC

The following types of membership available are:

  • Full Member – A member with full voting rights, and currently owns or is a shareholder in a child care facility;
  • Executive Member – A full member, who sits on the Board of Directors;
  • Retired Member – A member who has previously held a full membership, but no longer wants to retain voting rights or is no longer eligible to retain voting rights or full membership, due to no longer owning a child care facility; and
  • Non-voting Member – A non-voting member may be permitted to join the association, in recognition of their support, advisory ability, or history of involvement with MACCABC. A non-voting member may not hold voting privileges.

Membership Fees

Starting May 1st included in your $25/year membership fee:

1.Certificate of membership to your professional organization, sent to you certifying you are a member of MACCABC.

2. FREE-6 hours conference this May 11th, 2019. This FREE conference is valid for 6 hours toward ECE license renewal. You will receive a certificate at the end of the day.

3. Vote in the upcoming AGM and hear in detail about all of the achievements this year, and to hear about the future plans of our association.

4. Support and Resources from the Board of Directors, with up-to-date information from ministry officials about changes and implementation of the BC childcare plan.

5.Connection to other Multi-Age providers across BC. Join a growing group of ECE who are dedicated and passionate about Multi-Age childcare, and having our voices heard at the ministry level. We are advocating for the families in our care to receive the funding equity to group childcare and we can accomplish this with your support.

JOIN THE MACCABC Its as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Complete and submit the form located on this link.
2. Send an Etransfer payment to:
*please ask the question “Which MACCABC year is it?” – answer will be: “2019”
3. Watch for your FREE Conference registration and your certificate of membership for 2019